Fun Car Games for the Family | Auto Lab Libertyville

12 Fun Car Games to Keep the Whole Family in the Holiday Spirit

“I’m bored! How much longer?” Are you and your family going on a long drive over the holidays? Do you know how to keep your children entertained? In today’s world of technology, it’s easy to turn on a video or hand over your tablet to keep the kids busy. But what if you could use […]

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oil change synthetic vs regular oil | Auto Lab Libertyville IL

Should I use synthetic oil in my car?

Synthetic oil performs nearly 50 percent better than conventional oil in AAA’s tests. Our clients often ask us if they should use synthetic oil in their engine or if regular, non-synthetic is OK. We’ve typically says “yes” to that question in certain situations (see below). And recently, a study by AAA has shown that synthetic […]

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Auto Lab Clients - Izzy Paluch and Family

Looking to buy a used car?

How we helped one client avoid a bad case of buyer’s remorse Izzy Paluch of Vernon Hills was considering ending the lease early on his vehicle when he found a BMW X3 for sale at a local dealer. When he put it in gear, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on, prompting the salesman to […]

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Check Engine Light | Auto Lab Libertyville IL

FAQ: Diagnosing A Check Engine Light

Question: My “Check Engine” light on the dashboard came on last week, but my SUV is still running OK.  Does that mean the problem is minor and can wait awhile? Answer: Seeing that “Check Engine” light glow on your dashboard is never a welcome surprise. And even though your vehicle still seems to be running OK, […]

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Road trip songs, movies | Auto Lab Libertyville

Favorite road trip songs, movies to kick off summer vacation

Windows open, sunglasses on, miles of pavement stretching ahead. These are the ingredients for a legendary road trip. Gear up for your own summer adventure with a few of our favorite road trip songs and movies. Our Top 3 Road Trip Movies Little Miss Sunshine A yellow van, a dysfunctional family, and a little girl’s […]

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