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Put the brakes on car care costs to save money

Have you considered the long-term cost of driving your vehicle? Whether you drive 10 or 50 miles a day, other factors such as preventive maintenance, driving style and more will help you save money on overall car care costs during the life of your vehicle.   Lots of vehicle owners chalk up car-ownership costs to the price at the pump or unexpected repairs, but other factors figure in big time when calculating how much your set of wheels truly is costing. Driving style, preventive maintenance and insurance options all contribute to how much you’re paying (and could be saving). Driving up costs Excessively slurping … Continue reading

Auto Repair Advice You Can Count On

A home maintenance DIY-er painting his family room might head to the hardware store to buy paint, brushes and drop cloths. But is that all he needs to do the job right? Hardware retailers wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t guide customers through the purchasing process to ensure they head home with everything required to complete the project. Similarly, your automotive service experts at Auto Lab want to help guide you in your car-ownership journey so you can hit the highway with confidence—without blowing your budget. Here’s how we go to work to provide the best budget-fitting auto-repair … Continue reading

Buying a used car? 3 reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection

A regular inspection at Auto Lab in Libertyville is cheap insurance

Question: We’re looking for a reliable used vehicle in Lake Forest for our daughter, who’s going to be taking it to college this fall. We’re looking at cars that are just 3-4 years old with 50,000 – 60,000 miles on them. Is there still a need for a used vehicle inspection? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Why? Reason #1: A pre-purchase inspection is cheap insurance. For $75, one of our ASE-Certified Master Technicians will inspect the car from bumper to bumper to determine the overall condition of the car, what (if any) auto repairs are needed, and what preventive maintenance is due … Continue reading

Hybrid auto repair costs on the decline

Hybrid auto repair costs declined in 2013

We recently wrote about a question we hear regularly from our clients: Should I buy a hybrid? In this case, our Libertyville client was considering buying a hybrid vehicle but was concerned about the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. And we have good news for that client and other consumers who are considering the move to a hybrid vehicle: The cost of repairing hybrid vehicles are on the decline, including the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. “Although car repair costs are up across most of the country, hybrid repair costs continue to trend down as the volume of … Continue reading

Auto repair costs climb nearly 10% in 2013; Transmission repairs top ‘most expensive’ list

The average car repair cost in Illinois was $393 in 2013, up nearly 15% from 2012, according to CarMD’s 2014 State-By-State Ranking of Auto Repair Costs. This is just slightly higher than the national average of $392, which is up nearly 7% from 2012. Across the Midwest, consumers paid $368 on average for auto repairs in 2013, up 9.29% from $337 in 2012. Topping the list of Most Expensive Vehicle Repairs in 2013 were transmission repairs and replacements. In fact, 6 of the top 10 most expensive repairs were transmission related. (See the full list below!) The average cost of … Continue reading