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What is that squealing noise under my car hood?

Common car noises and what causes them

Question: For the past couple weeks, I’ve been hearing a high-pitched squealing or whining noise in the engine area when I first start the car in the morning. It makes the noise on and off for the first few minutes I’m in the car–pretty much by the time I hit Milwaukee Avenue near Vernon Hills. I thought it was my serpentine belt, but I just had that replaced recently. What else could it be? Answer:  Based on your description, it does sound like a belt noise, either your serpentine belt or another accessory drivebelt. Even though you replaced the serpentine … Continue reading

Vehicle noises haunting your ride through Vernon Hills? Use our checklist to silence those ghosts

Is your vehicle making some ghoulish noises? Use our Vehicle Noise Checklist to help us diagnose it.

If you’re among the 68% of adults who celebrate Halloween, you’re probably already pulling together the props and materials for this year’s perfect costume. But as you’re driving from Libertyville to Vernon Hills in search of the finishing touches, you may notice a squeak, rattle or groaning from your car that wasn’t there just a month ago. As summer’s heat gives way to cooler fall temps, it’s not unusual to detect some new and haunting sounds. The best way to combat this ghost or goblin is to: Make detailed observations about your noisy companion using our Vehicle Noise Checklist below. … Continue reading

Fuel system pressure issue can be check engine light cause

Your car’s “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light can flash on for more than 1,400 different reasons. The light is part of your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) system and can indicate anything from a quick fix like a loose gas cap to a major repair like a catalytic converter. And here’s another example of a problem that can trigger the light… Trouble code: P0087 Fuel Rail/System Pressure – Too Low Some vehicles are equipped with a returnless fuel supply, which means that the fuel pump is pulse width modulated and can vary in pump speed to deliver fuel to … Continue reading

Emissions test time and your check engine light is on? Come to Auto Lab first

Question: I need to take my car in for an emissions test, but the Service Engine light has been on for some time. I’ve been told my car won’t pass. Is that true? What happens if my car fails the test? Answer: Yes, you are correct: Your car cannot pass the emissions test when the Check Engine light is on. In fact, it’s likely they’ll just turn you away. Save yourself the time and schedule an appointment at Auto Lab. We’ll conduct comprehensive diagnostics to determine which emissions part or parts have failed, and once we replace it, we’ll run your … Continue reading

Leave the creepy sounds to the ghouls and goblins

The kids are back at school (finally!), there’s a slight chill in the air and you’re seeing those festive packages of tempting little treats on display at the store. Yes, Halloween is still several weeks away but if your car is starting to celebrate a little early, don’t ignore these warning signs. Squeaking Whether it’s your brakes telling you they need some attention, power windows that seem to hesitate on their way up or down, or high-pitched sounds emanating from under the hood, you’ll want to have it checked out by our ASE-certified auto repair technicians. Loose belts can often … Continue reading