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Road trip ready! Car games your kids will love

Are you road trip ready? When making your plans for this holiday season travels, don’t forget to pack the entertainment. Think beyond the electronic games and find fun activities the whole family will love. If you plan some fun games that get the whole family involved, you’ll have everyone singing merrily as you travel to your Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations. Here are five fun road games: Car Bingo! Go to and check out 101 Car Travel Games. Everything from car bingo to scavenger hunts are available. This site includes free printable car games and even includes sing along song lyrics so … Continue reading

Top 12 family car games to keep the kids entertained all the way to Grandma’s house

Think these kids will be smiling all the way to the Thanksgiving dinner table? They will be with Auto Lab in Libertyville's annual list of family car games.

If you’re among the 43+ million gearing up for travel this Thanksgiving—90 percent of whom go by car—you’re likely to have oodles of quality family time on the road. And while DVDs are a godsend for many parents, holiday travel is also an ideal time to turn off the electronics and create fond family memories with car games that were the “in” thing back when Tab was “awesome” and cassette decks were the latest high-tech addition to vehicle dashboards. Here are some of our favorite family car games, plus a few new ones that just sound like fun. (We’ll have … Continue reading