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Engines, the environment & you: 8 ways to be a greener driver

Used to be that a lean, mean driving machine was the holy grail for an increasing number of American motorists. Nowadays, however, you’re likely to instead find lots of drivers seeking a “green” machine that adheres to the reuse-repurpose-recycle motto rather than the commandment: “On your mark, get set, GO.” Economic and environmental concerns have intertwined into a unified concern for many drivers. Despite the temptation of the wall outlet, going the electric-car or hybrid route aren’t the only ways to save a few bucks and safeguard the environment. Plenty of methods exist for conventional vehicle owners to “go green,” … Continue reading

Hybrid auto repair costs on the decline

Hybrid auto repair costs declined in 2013

We recently wrote about a question we hear regularly from our clients: Should I buy a hybrid? In this case, our Libertyville client was considering buying a hybrid vehicle but was concerned about the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. And we have good news for that client and other consumers who are considering the move to a hybrid vehicle: The cost of repairing hybrid vehicles are on the decline, including the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. “Although car repair costs are up across most of the country, hybrid repair costs continue to trend down as the volume of … Continue reading

Should I buy a hybrid vehicle?

hybrid auto repair lake forest illinois

Question: I’m looking to buy a new vehicle, and I’m considering a hybrid to replace my 2007 Ford Expedition, which only gets about 16 mpg. (I also drive from Libertyville to Chicago 4 times a week, so you can imagine how much gas I go through.) However, I’m concerned about auto repair costs on a hybrid long-term, particularly the battery. What has your experience been with hybrid vehicles? Sincerely, Gus Guzzler Answer: We field a lot of questions about hybrids from our customers, especially when we see a surge in gas prices like we’re seeing right now. Our very easy, … Continue reading

Hybrid car service from Auto Lab in Libertyville

Libertyville, IL – Many car buyers debate the purchase of a hybrid vehicle because they fear the maintenance costs will be higher than that of a regular gasoline engine. But Kevin Riddick, founder and owner of Auto Lab in Libertyville, says there is nothing to fear. “The hybrid specific components have been shown to have a long lifespan. Toyota reports that their battery packs have lasted for more than 180,000 miles in testing.” To ensure their skill sets match that of changing technology, the ASE-Certified Technicians at Auto Lab recently received advanced training and certification through Precision Service & Parts, … Continue reading

Auto Lab’s ‘green’ efforts are good for your wallet and the Earth

Green car care

When you think about taking care of the environment, auto repair shops probably don’t jump to the top of your “green” list. But at Auto Lab, being “green” is something we practice every day…from  Libertyville to Vernon Hills and Lake Forest and around. Not only are we trying to help the Earth and improve everyone’s health, we also are working to save you money and run an efficient operation! Here are some of the ways we work to be Earth-friendly: We recycle all of the oil filters we remove during oil changes. That’s a lot of oil filters every year! An oil … Continue reading