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9 fun-filled, summer road trips within a day’s drive of Chicago

Ludington State Park in Michigan

Haven’t saved up enough for a summer vacation, but know a staycation just isn’t going to cut it with the kids (or spouse)? How about a “daycation” of sorts or a long weekend here in the great midwest. Have only a day to spare? Carving out time for a long weekend? We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 9 recommendations for summer road trips in our part of the Midwest… New Glarus, WI Although most craft beer drinkers know New Glarus for being home to Spotted Cow ale, this little town is also known for antique stores, cheese and meat shops, … Continue reading

Favorite road trip songs, movies to kick off summer vacation

Favorite road trip movies and songs

Windows open, sunglasses on, miles of pavement stretching ahead. These are the ingredients for a legendary road trip. Gear up for your own summer adventure with a few of our favorite road trip songs and movies. Our Top 3 Road Trip Movies Little Miss Sunshine A yellow van, a dysfunctional family, and a little girl’s dream to become a beauty pageant winner. Is this a recipe for disaster or a classic American movie? National Lampoon’s Vacation Clark Griswold is taking his family on a cross-country trip to Walley World. With his wife, kids, and grumpy Aunt Edna all loaded into the … Continue reading

BEEP! What sound do you hear?

Next time someone honks at you as you’re driving around Libertyville, don’t get mad; get musically appreciative. That’s right. Car horns emit a specific pitch—most likely an F—that can be written down as a musical note. However, if that frustrated driver is steering an older-model vehicle, he might be trying to get your attention with a C-sharp note. That’s because car horns have evolved through the years. During the early 1960s and 1970s, car horns emitted a C-sharp, but carmakers raised this to a higher pitch to ensure motorists could hear horns through closed windows. “Ah-ooo-gah” probably is the most … Continue reading

R U ready 4 the summer road?

Hard to believe, but summer is just around the corner and that welcome warm weather means it’s time for the “great American vacation.” Are you ready to enjoy the open road? You run down your mental checklist. Sure, you’ve got a fine snack selection. Yep, a variety of weather-flexible attire is packed. Fido and Fluffy are scheduled at the kennel. Just program the GPS and you’re off, right? Mmmm. Almost. Don’t take for granted your vehicle is prepared for the haul from Mundelein to Massachusetts or Lake Forest to Louisiana. Have the pros at Auto Lab of Libertyville check it … Continue reading

Midwest winter getaways to warm your spirits

If the idea of 6 more weeks of winter has you feeling blue, here are 6 of our favorite Midwest driving getaways to help you warm your spirits until spring arrives: Ski and snowshoe on the St. Croix River: Looking for somewhere new to ski or snowshoe? Check out the St. Croix River in Minnesota’s St. Croix State Park. The park has 11 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails and 80 miles of snowmobile trails that connect to state forests. Two modern guesthouses are a great deal for groups. One sleeps 12 and one sleeps 15, and each has a … Continue reading