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TPMS and your ‘low tire’ light: Everything you need to know

Allow us to introduce you to that little yellow light on your dashboard, the exclamation point centered around a flattened circle. This small but mighty indicator is the tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, and it works hard to ensure that your tires are ready for the road. Your personal tire inspection source The TPMS tracks your tires to ensure that they’re inflated to the recommended pressure. If your tires are under-inflated, that “exclamation point light” will come on on your dash. This is your cue to take action. Have a ‘low tire’ light that won’t go away? Schedule an … Continue reading

Why buy tires from Auto Lab instead of a discount tire store?

We’ll Help You Save More Money in the Long Run When you’re ready for your next set of tires, Auto Lab is here to help you choose the best tires for your vehicle, your driving habits and your budget. Think you’ll save a bundle by going to a big box discount tire store instead? Here are four reasons why you should choose an independent auto repair shop like Auto Lab instead: 1) Your tires are the only contact between your car and the road. They keep you maneuvering down the road safely when it’s wet, snowy or icy, and they … Continue reading

Why outfit your import car with winter tires?

You probably don’t plan on racing down the white-capped Alps in your Audi or burning rubber at the top of frigid Mount Fuji in your Toyota, but even in Libertyville, installing snow tires on your import automobile can be a hot idea for the cold weather. We understand the allure of “all-season tires”: No shelling out the bucks for four more tires, and no seasonal wheel changes each season year.** But a number of foreign car makers recommend snow tires in their owner’s manuals, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Toyota and Volvo. And we’ve witnessed first-hand how our customers who drive … Continue reading

Why did my tire repair cost so much?


Question: I got a flat tire last weekend when I was leaving the Cubs game, and the tire repair cost $40! Why was it so much? Didn’t patching a tire used to cost $10?—Flattened in Libertyville, IL Answer: Well, times have changed. Gone are the days when patching a tire was a quick and easy repair job. For safety reasons today, the Rubber Manufacturers Association and tire manufacturers require a plug-patch repair. First, a rubber stem (a.k.a., a plug) must be applied to fill the puncture, and second, a patch must be applied to seal the inner liner. A plug by itself is not an acceptable nor safe … Continue reading

A tire rotation is key to making your tires last longer

Question: I get my car’s oil changed regularly, but often skip the tire rotation. A mechanic recently told me that my tires will wear faster if I don’t rotate them. Is that true?  Answer: The short answer to these questions is “yes” and “yes.” A tire rotation is indeed worth the time and money. When you rotate the tires, the tread will wear more evenly and extend the life of your tires. What are the Specifics of a Tire Rotation? Let’s start with the basics: Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving … Continue reading