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Don’t compromise safety or comfort: Check your suspension and wheel alignment

The winter surely took its toll on our Libertyville-area roads by creating potholes, humps and bumps. These telltale signs of a Midwestern winter also might have done a number on your vehicle’s suspension and wheel alignment. Many of us think shock absorbers and struts exist merely to provide a comfortable ride by minimizing the effect of all the above-mentioned “road warts.” Truth is, the primary purpose of a strut or shock absorber is to keep us safe by ensuring tires maintain road contact and don’t bounce up or leave the pavement when a vehicle encounters bumps. Worn shocks also make … Continue reading

Our top 7 car care articles from 2014

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2015, we like to look at what car care information you found to be the most valuable in 2014. In case you missed it during your busy year, here are our top 7 auto service articles from 2014: 7) How to Prep Your Car for Winter: Our 8-step checklist for making sure your car is ready for winter weather. 6) Top Summer Road Trip Destinations: Heading out for a weekend trip or summer driving vacation? Here are four of our close-to-home favorites. 5) Yes, You CAN Save Money by Properly Maintaining Your Car: … Continue reading

Ready for our Pothole Awareness Quiz, Lake Forest?


A number of U.S. cities feature online pothole trackers to help motorists avoid the bone-jarring chuckholes. While you might not have one available in your neck of the woods, see if you can pass our pothole awareness quiz. You’ll know your car has been affected by pothole damage if: A. You can drive down the street with a tray of crystal flutes filled with Dom Perignon arranged artistically on the hood. B. When you let go of the wheel, you lose directional control of the vehicle. C. Your car sits noticeably lower in the front or rear. D. The car … Continue reading