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Our top 7 car care articles from 2014

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2015, we like to look at what car care information you found to be the most valuable in 2014. In case you missed it during your busy year, here are our top 7 auto service articles from 2014: 7) How to Prep Your Car for Winter: Our 8-step checklist for making sure your car is ready for winter weather. 6) Top Summer Road Trip Destinations: Heading out for a weekend trip or summer driving vacation? Here are four of our close-to-home favorites. 5) Yes, You CAN Save Money by Properly Maintaining Your Car: … Continue reading

November 2014 Newsletter – The 8 most important items to check before winter hits

Did you miss our November eNewsletter? If so, look no further. Here’s the rundown from the issue: The 8 most important things to check before winter comes. We’re offering a new rewards program! Top 12 family car games to keep the kids entertained Car manuals … for dummies Ready to read more? Here’s the November eNewsletter in full.

Winterize Your Car | Libertyville, IL

Use Auto Lab's checklist to get your car ready for winter.

Before we know it, winter will be here. After last year, I’m not sure I’m ready for another onslaught of snow and record low temperatures. Are you ready? What about your car? New tires, testing the battery, and replacing your wiper blades may be at the top of your checklist, but there are a few more things to consider for safe and reliable driving during our harsh winter months. Battery: A dead battery is the No. 1 one reason motorists get stranded and need a tow truck. The average life of a battery is 4 to 6 years, and batteries … Continue reading

It’s time for Auto Lab Libertyville brake trivia!

Auto Lab brakes

This winter has been full of snow and ice. If you hit a slippery patch on the road and your car has anti-lock brakes, you should: A. Throw on the hazards and turn the steering wheel violently from side to side. B. Pump the brakes hard and fast to the beat of your favorite tune. C. Coast to a stop, avoiding eye contact of other drivers who are trying desperately to get out of your way. D. Keep your foot pressed hard on the brake, despite the weird, pulsating sensation, to allow the ABS brakes to retain some steering and … Continue reading

It’s the perfect time to get your car or truck ready for winter!

Question: I keep seeing commercials about winterizing my car. I know this is not a warm sunny climate, but I already keep up with regular maintenance. Do I have to really do anything different for winter? What does “winterize” really mean? Answer: Hard winter conditions can take a toll on our cars, so you do need to take some precautionary steps to ensure a safe and reliable drive this winter. Even if you’re on schedule with regular auto repair and maintenance, winter brings its own special issues. Why not take the time while the weather is still pleasant to make sure … Continue reading