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Why do I need a coolant flush?

This is what clean coolant looks like. Coolant is a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze and water.

Question: My owner’s manual shows that I’m due for a coolant flush at 90,000 miles. What does coolant do? And do I really need a coolant flush?  Answer: A coolant flush or cooling system flush is modern-day terminology for ridding your radiator of rust, dirt, sludge and old antifreeze or “radiator fluid.” The fluid is more accurately known as coolant, which is a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water. And yes, flushing the cooling system is an important part of your car’s preventive maintenance schedule. Why? Because coolant keeps your engine from overheating—which keeps you from sitting by the side … Continue reading

10 Signs You Need Shocks, Struts or a Wheel Alignment

shocks, struts

Spring means buds on the trees, bright flowers….and pothole season. There’s already a bumper crop of impressive potholes and road ruts all over Libertyville. These potholes can do a lot of damage to tires, wheel rims, shocks and struts, along with knocking your car out of alignment. While it’s pretty obvious if your tire is blown or your wheel rim is heavily bent, other damage might not be so readily apparent. Here are some types of pothole damage and how you can tell if that’s what ails you. 6 Signs You May Need New Shocks or Struts There’s visible damage to … Continue reading

Traveling by car for Thanksgiving? Schedule your pre-trip check 1-2 weeks ahead

FAQs on shocks and struts and wheel alignments

We want to make sure you get over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house — without needing to call a tow truck. If you’re heading out of town and haven’t had your vehicle inspected in awhile, please do yourself and your family a favor and schedule an oil change or vehicle inspection with your team at Auto Lab. We’ll make sure the fluids are topped off, the tires are in tip-top shape, the brakes are in good order, and we’ll ensure there’s no sign of a repair issue that’s likely to cause an unwanted pit stop. The … Continue reading

Our building renovations are nearly complete!

Auto Lab in Libertyville - Auto repair shop renovations

We’ve been renovating and updating the outside of our auto repair shop all summer, and we’re thrilled to say the project is nearly complete. In addition to the building exterior, we’ve redone the customer waiting area. Here are some photos of the project. If you haven’t been by in awhile, we invite you to stop in and see the changes. 42.2795005 -87.95217609999997

Do I need a transmission fluid flush? Yes, here’s why

A transmission fluid flush might not be top-of-mind for you, but the same can’t be said for your car. This maintenance procedure is the most important thing you can do to keep your automatic transmission operating properly for the life of the vehicle. We’ve pulled together a cheat sheet on all things transmission fluid, so you’re educated and empowered to keep your car in top condition. Get ready for your crash course: The scoop on transmission fluid Perhaps surprisingly, transmission fluid does more than lubricate the components of your transmission to keep it shifting smoothly. It is also used to build … Continue reading