Auto repair costs climb nearly 10% in 2013; Transmission repairs top ‘most expensive’ list

The average car repair cost in Illinois was $393 in 2013, up nearly 15% from 2012, according to CarMD’s 2014 State-By-State Ranking of Auto Repair Costs.

This is just slightly higher than the national average of $392, which is up nearly 7% from 2012. Across the Midwest, consumers paid $368 on average for auto repairs in 2013, up 9.29% from $337 in 2012.

Topping the list of Most Expensive Vehicle Repairs in 2013 were transmission repairs and replacements. In fact, 6 of the top 10 most expensive repairs were transmission related. (See the full list below!) The average cost of these repairs nationwide ranged from a “low” of $3,600 to more than $5,900.

When you consider those repair costs, you can see why we at Auto Lab in Libertyville recommend routine transmission flushes to prevent failure. At $150-$250 for a trans flush, it is smart insurance against a costly failure. Learn more about the benefits of a transmission fluid flush.

According to CarMD, here were the 10 Most Expensive Vehicle Repairs in 2013:

Rank Vehicle Repair Type of Vehicle(s) Repair Cost (Parts & Labor)
1 Replace Transmission Assembly and Reprogram Electronic Control Module (ECM) Honda Civic 2001-2004Jaguar X-Type 2002-2008Range Rover 2003-2009Volvo 2001-2006 >$ 5,900
2 Replace Transmission and Torque Converter Various Vehicles ~$ 5,140
3 Replace Engine Chevrolet Geo Prizm 2001Chevrolet Cruz 2011-2012Dodge Caliber, Jeep Compass & Patriot 2007-2009Mazda RX-* 2004-2005 > $ 5,100
4 Replace Hybrid Battery and Reprogram Engine Control Module (ECM) Honda Hybrid Vehicles 2000-2010Saturn Vue Hybrid 2007-2009 ~$4,000
5 Repair Transmission Assembly Various Dodge, Jeep, Lincoln and VW Vehicles 2000-2009 >$ 3,600
6 Replace Transmission Assembly Dodge Stratus 2000Jeep Wrangler 2005-2006Lincoln Aviator 2003-2005VW Routan 2009 ~$ 3,635
7 Replace Transmission Case and Torque Converter Saturn Vue 2004-2004 ~$ 3,490
8 Replace Transmission Valve Body Assembly and Engine Control Module (ECM) Ford Focus 2007Jaguar S-Type 2005Toyota Trucks 2001-2002 > $ 3,150
9 Replace Hybrid Battery Various Ford, Honda, Nissan & Toyota Hybrid Vehicles 2000-2009 > $ 3,140
10 Replace Integrated Motor Assist(IMA) Battery Various Hybrid Vehicles ~$ 2,900


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